Making a Complaint

DOME Registered Training Organisation Number: 4430

All clients have the right to study or work in a healthy, safe supportive environment that is free of harassment and discrimination. DOME has a number of policies and procedures that explain the way in which equity of treatment is applied to clients and staff but broadly there are four steps to be followed if you feel that you have been harassed or unfairly or poorly treated. The process will be conducted in confidence.

  • If possible, approach the other party to explain your problem and try and resolve the matter amicably and informally.
  • If this is not possible approach the Training Administrator or the Executive Director with your complaint.
  • If possible they will attempt to solve your complaint informally through mediation between yourself and the other party.
  • If this is not possible they will move to arbitrate the complaint by obtaining clear written statements from all parties and from any witnesses. They will then make a determination regarding the complaint.
  • Complainants who feel that their grievance has not been adequately resolved may have access to adjudication by an ‘independent third party’, identified by DOME and agreeable to both DOME and the complainant.
  • Finally the complainant may contact the Office of the Training Advocate for a free and independent mechanism for the resolution of grievances.

The contact details are:

Office of the Training Advocate
Level 5, 131 Grenfell St, Adelaide, 5000
(crn of Grenfell St and Hyde St)

Telephone 1800 006 488.