Appeals against Assessment Results

DOME Registered Training Organisation Number: 4430

If you feel that you wish to appeal against the result of an assessment take the following steps:

  • Approach the trainer/assessor concerned so as to resolve the question quickly and informally.
  • If this is not satisfactory approach the Training Administrator. Bring with you all the relevant documents and a statement of your appeal in writing. If you prefer the Training Administrator will write down your appeal for you to sign. The Training Administrator will explain the appeals process to you and provide you with a copy of the DOME procedure for Appeals.
  • The Training Administrator will enquire into the matter, speak to relevant parties and take all necessary steps to determine the merit of the appeal, including, if appropriate arranging a reassessment. The Training Administrator will make a finding in writing setting out the reasons for the decision.
  • If you are not satisfied with either the process or the result of the appeal you may ask the Executive Director for a determination. The Executive Director will examine the process and the result and make a finding in writing giving reasons for the decision.
  • If you are still not satisfied you may request adjudication by an ‘independent third party’; identified by DOME and agreeable to both DOME and the complainant.

RTO Code of Practice:

DOME’s approach to training and assessment is governed by our Code of Conduct as a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO).  Read the Code of Practice here

Training Details:

Full information about each course including entry requirements, fees, learning outcomes assessment requirements are available on a separate course flyer. Enquire to the Training Administrator. email:  ph: 08 84104344