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Things to consider when making a Job Application

Things To Consider When Making A Job Application
Greg Goudie
Written by Greg Goudie

Applying for a job is a process, not an event. And being a process it will have a start and a finish, with steps along the way.

The one important point with a job application is that there is a firm and fixed end date and every step toward that end date must be planned and actioned on time.

So first point is create a plan. Lay out the times and dates that things have to be done by. When do you have to have your cover letter prepared, when do you need your resume updated by, when do you have to have the research of the business finished by, when should you notify your referees of your application. All important steps in the process.

Don’t assume. Do the research on the business and the job. If you can, ask questions of the prospective employer about the job. Use the internet. Most companies have a very detailed profile which will tell you about the culture of the organisation and the type of people that they are likely to hire.

Go back over your skills and strengths. Make sure you list all the relevant skills in your application. Don’t assume that because you work in a certain field that the “recruiter” will know that you have all the skills. Spell them out, state the obvious. Don’t just say you are good at something, give examples of your strengths, make them real. Have more up your sleeve for the interview.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help with your application. Go to an expert, someone working in the recruitment industry you can trust.

Finally and most importantly, in preparing any aspect of your application, put yourself in the shoes of the person who is going to read it. What will they be looking for? What is likely to impress them? They don’t want to know what a wonderful person you are or how brilliant you were in a previous job. They will want to know if you can do the job they are looking to fill !


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Greg Goudie

Greg Goudie

Greg Goudie is the Executive Director of DOME and following many years in the automotive parts manufacturing sector, has worked with mature age unemployed for the past 15 years.

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