Job Seekers

DOME has provided a successful employment service to mature age unemployed and disadvantaged people in South Australia since its inception in 1981.

1. The DOME Job Board
You must be a Registered DOME Member to view and apply for the jobs displayed on the DOME Job Board.

2. Eligibility Criteria for DOME Registration

To register for DOME Membership you must be:

  • 40 + years of age; AND
  • unemployed or underemployed (working < 17 hours per week); or at risk of retrenchment or job loss.

If you are unsure please contact us to discuss.

How to Register: 

3. Submit your registration form and resume

Download and complete the Registration Form and send to us with your Resume or CV. The Registration form can be found via the links in Step 2 above.

4. Completing Registration and applying for jobs
Once DOME has received your registration form and resume, you will be contacted and an interview time arranged to complete registration. Once your registration is complete, you will be provided with access to the DOME Job board allowing you to view and apply for any of the jobs listed.

The best way to apply for jobs is through the Job Board

  1. [Click] on specific job for more details
  2. [Click] on “Apply for Job”
  3. Upload Resume (if you have a new resume to use)
  4. [Click] “Send Application” to submit or “Return to Job Board” to cancel out
Forgotten your User Name and Pass Word for the Job Board

Contact the Head Office on (08) 8410 4344 and request to speak to Supervisor or email and we will send you your access details.

Alternative ways to apply for DOME Jobs

If you are a DOME Registered Member, would like to apply for a job listed on the DOME Job Board and know the Job Number, you can phone the Head Office on (08) 8410 4344 and speak to a Job Placement Officer or email and we will arrange for your details to be forwarded to the relevant employer.

Listed Jobs

If the jobs are listed on our Job Board, then, to our knowledge they are still available. Some Employers ask us to keep Jobs listed on an on going basis.

We contact the employers on a regular basis for an update, and remove them as soon as we are advised that they are no longer available.

Some jobs appear on our website for longer periods due to:

  • The employer continually seeking new staff especially where jobs are casual;
  • A long application processing time or low priority on filling the position by the employer; or
  • Where we have been unable to get an update from the employers as to the jobs status