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Are you in your 50’s and looking for employment?

Over 50 Looking for Employment
Greg Goudie
Written by Greg Goudie

Being unemployed in your 50s – how big a problem is it? Why, despite everything we’re told about older workers being more reliable and less prone to sick days, are employers around the country still reluctant to hire older employees?

A Nightlife radio interview with Philip Clark, Sarah MacDonald talking with Greg Goudie and Andrew Hunt (DOME), Dr. Kay Patterson (Age Discrimination Commissioner).

Duration: 51min 35sec
Broadcast:  Mon 13 Feb 2017, 10:00pm
Published:  Mon 13 Feb 2017, 11:34pm

To listen to the interview from ABC radio – click start arrow below.


About the author

Greg Goudie

Greg Goudie

Greg Goudie is the Executive Director of DOME and following many years in the automotive parts manufacturing sector, has worked with mature age unemployed for the past 15 years.

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