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Johanna Milbank
Written by Johanna Milbank

Looking for a new administration officer, clerical worker or receptionist?

Consider a trainee

DOME Association has funding from the South Australian Department of Innovation and Skills to fund the training for eight Certificate III in Business Administration traineeships for mature aged job seekers.

Taking on a trainee brings a number of incentives to your business from the Commonwealth Government to support the trainee’s wages and other employment expenses. DOME has funding to cover the majority of the training costs (total of $2,400) with a small gap fee of $210.

Government Incentives are dependent on the individual being employed as the trainee and will be calculated once your trainee has been identified. This is brokered through an Apprenticeship Traineeship Network Support Provider like MAS National, Business SA or MEGT.

Traineeships can be full-time or part-time (over 15 hours per week). Depending on the experience of the person undertaking the traineeship. To get the best person you can pay normal wage rates rather than student rates. The benefits of taking on a mature aged trainee is that they already have past work experience and knowledge that you can use in your business. They are more reliable, take less sick days, are more productive and focused and are more likely to complete training.

If you would like to know more, are interested in taking on a mature aged trainee in Business Administration or would like to convert your current job order with us to a traineeship, contact DOME with your requirements and we will get the process rolling.

Phone Deb, the DOME Training Administrator, on 8410 4344 or email training@dome.org.au for more details about how you can take part in this exciting opportunity

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