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Take the Workforce Diversity Challenge

Johanna Milbank
Written by Johanna Milbank

How successful has your business been in recruiting for, and maintaining diversity? or Do you think you already support diversity? The only sure way to know is to measure!

Take our challenge today and participate in a FREE Workforce Diversity Assessment to

  • see where your business currently sits with regards to workforce diversity
  • identify where you can improve
  • identify further strategies that will support your workforce diversity goals

DOME Association Inc with support from the SA Government’s Office of Ageing Well is offering businesses a free assessment and advice on recruitment for a diversified workforce with a particular focus on gender and age diversity. Assessments will cover:

  1. Recruitment practices and polices
  2. Performance review processes
  3. Staff professional development
  4. Staff retention
  5. Flexible workplace practices

All of these play a role in an organisations ability to recruit and maintain a diversified workforce.

Contact us today to find out more.

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Johanna Milbank

Johanna Milbank

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