How do you benefit from hiring a mature age employee?

How to find or attract older workers
Greg Goudie
Written by Greg Goudie

There are many advantages and benefits that come with the mature age employee that can save you time and save your business money.

Numerous surveys and research has found that the mature age or older worker comes with good basic work experience skills and wisdom. Whilst they may not have worked in your business or industry before, they have worked for a living and understand the importance of putting in a good days work. They understand how to get along with their fellow employees and generally don’t have to be taught good communications skill.

They are generally more loyal, staying with the one employer for around 3 times the length of time of their younger counterparts. They have usually settled in the one place with family and friends and are looking to consolidate that with work that provides stability and opportunities.

They will also come with the confidence that they can do the job and are always willing to learn or upgrade their skills. As we are living longer, todays older workers recognise that they will have to work longer to pay for their retirement and that will require keeping up with the latest skills and qualifications. So they are keen to be involved in training to upgrade their skills and stay current.

It is acknowledged that older workers will be more flexible with their work times and will not take as many sick days as younger workers.

The older worker understand the full customer range as they have been a young person at some stage and can now relate to the older person as well.

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DOME’s services range from assisting the mature age unemployed through job search training and support, to providing advice and support to employers in how to retain their current staff or recruit new staff.


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Greg Goudie

Greg Goudie

Greg Goudie is the Executive Director of DOME and following many years in the automotive parts manufacturing sector, has worked with mature age unemployed for the past 15 years.

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