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Covid-19 Impact on DOME Services

As for many businesses the current situation around the Corona or Covid-19 virus will have an impact on how services are delivered over the following months. DOME is currently assessing how we can minimise risk to our staff, volunteers and our members and where managing these risks, illness and quarantine measures impact on our staffing resources.  Reductions in access to volunteers and staff may mean we take a bit longer to process your registration form or your Job Order. Where delays are significant we will communicate with you to let you know an approximate time line. 


For Employers if your job order is urgent please let us know and we will make it a priority.

New Registrations

For new registrations of members, we anticipate having limited staff available for registration interviews but will work through all registrations as best we can. New registration processes will be implemented over late March to minimise risk for all people, these will mean that your registration interview may be done over the phone or via video. This will limit exposure for all parties. Resume advise will be provided via email.

Notification of potential candidates for Jobs 

Due to an expected need for more staff and volunteers to be working from home, volunteers will not be able to make phone calls via the DOME phone system. This will mean that we will communicate with Members where they are matched to a particular job via email. You will have 24 hours to respond to an email notification about a potential job. Please ensure you have a current email address and have provided it to us and that you monitor your email on a daily basis for notifications.

We thank you for your support through these difficult times.

Any issues please send us an email to

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