How do I start a new career over 50?

How Do I Start A New Career
Greg Goudie
Written by Greg Goudie

Suddenly being unemployed at “mid-life” can raise the question, “what do I really want to be doing?”

The best way to respond to this is with another question, “what is my Passion?” Maybe it is time to look for the work you enjoy doing. This is where Career advice is so important.

A big job search plus here is that when someone knows what they enjoy doing, they will be able to project that “passion” to the employer and that always goes a long way to winning an employer over.

At DOME we have assisted many people into employment based on what they have stated as their “hobbies or interests”. There was the accountant who preferred working with his hands, building things, using tools. So he sold that passion to the local hardware store. There was the graphic design artist who had been made redundant and had been out of work for 3 years. She had a hobby (passion) for wood work, using lathes to make special furniture. She got a job at the shop where she purchased her lathes and equipment. Who better to sell the benefits of the different lathes and equipment than someone who had a passion for how they are used.

Surveys have shown that employers are looking for people with passion about their work, dedication, and other soft skills. They can always train people in the specific skills of most jobs. So whilst experience does count, in some cases it won’t necessarily be the most important thing an employer is looking for.


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Greg Goudie

Greg Goudie

Greg Goudie is the Executive Director of DOME and following many years in the automotive parts manufacturing sector, has worked with mature age unemployed for the past 15 years.

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