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Economic benefit of up to $78 billion if Australia employed more people over 55: report

Economic benefit of employing more people aged over 55
Greg Goudie
Written by Greg Goudie

If Australia increased the workforce participation of older workers it could boost the economy by up to $78 billion, a new report has found.

* Sweden a leading country with around three quarters of its population aged over 55 employed
* Australia in the middle of the pack, employing just over 60 per cent aged 55-64
* One of the main barriers for older Australians trying to find work was discrimination

Consulting firm PwC examined all OECD countries for its ‘Golden Age Index’ and found Australia to be in the middle of the pack for employing people aged 55 and over.
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Greg Goudie

Greg Goudie

Greg Goudie is the Executive Director of DOME and following many years in the automotive parts manufacturing sector, has worked with mature age unemployed for the past 15 years.

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