About Dome


DOME is a community-based not-for-profit Employment Support Service that has been offering services to mature age unemployed and disadvantaged people in South Australia since 1981.

DOME’s main service areas are the Adelaide metropolitan area, Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula but we may serve other regional areas depending on funding availability on an as needs basis.


  • FREE Employment Service Assisting the unemployed over the age of 40 and other disadvantaged people back into the workforce
  • FREE Recruitment Service Assisting employers with finding the right people for their job vacancies from our register of job seekers aged 40+
  • Consultancy Services We can offer Career Development Advice, Workforce Development Services and Outplacement Services
  • Voluntary Work Offered to DOME members to help improve their skills and add to their experience to help them gain paid employment
  • Advocacy Acting as a voice for mature-aged unemployed with industry, government and the community


We are a committed team of qualified and experienced staff supported by large number of volunteers who all work to keep our organisation delivering a quality service.

Executive Director: Johanna Milbank

  • Management Consultant: Greg Goudie
  • Management Consultant: Peter Smith
  • Supervisor: Mike Warland
  • Finance Officer: Eddy Strudwick
  • Regional Manager: Debbie Crook

DOME Volunteers: DOME is supported by many volunteers, some stay for only a short time while others have been with us for many years. There is always a sadness when they leave us but also as many go on to paid jobs it is a celebration as well. We thank our volunteers for their dedication and commitment. We would not be the organisation we are without them.


Since its inception, DOME has seen over 20,000 of our members return to the workforce at a rate of about 500-800 per year. We currently have around 2,000 registered active members. DOME generates approximately 600 job vacancies each year.


The Board is made up of DOME staff, volunteers and representatives from the business sector and strives to maintain a diversified membership.

Chair: Greg Goudie
Deputy Chair: Paul Boodhoo
Treasurer: Deb Treloar
Secretary: Johanna Milbank

Board Members:

  • Haagen Van Dyke
  • Daryl Regan
  • Peter Smith
  • Marcia Evans
  • Coral Krombholz
  • Adrian Potter
  • Paul Jury
  • Steve Pilkingotn


  • Assist mature aged and disadvantaged people find employment.
  • Alleviate distress, misfortune, destitution, poverty and mental and physical suffering brought about as a consequence of unemployment through direct assistance and/or cooperation with organisations and/or individuals who share a common interest in the problems and welfare of unemployed men and women of mature age.
  • Provide moral and practical support and assistance to unemployed people and generally to assist them to improve their work, social and other skills necessary to maximise their chances of obtaining employment in the community.
  • Increase public and government awareness of the issues of the mature aged and disadvantaged unemployed and to press for improved understanding, facilities and assistance for them.
  • Encourage self-help and mutual assistance among mature aged and disadvantaged unemployed.
  • Collect funds and to solicit, receive, enlist and accept financial and other aid, donations and bequests from any source and to do all things necessary to secure grants for the achievement of any of the Objects from any person, corporate body or other body, Local, State, or Federal Government or other statutory body or organisation.
  • Actively participate in Government and non-Government programs for unemployed people.
  • Provide and operate a full range of consultancy services to unemployed people and businesses for the purpose of creating employment opportunities for unemployed people.

DOME manages employment projects which are sponsored by the State Government, Department of Innovation and Skills.

Many thanks for your fantastic assistance. I am happy to advise that a DOME jobseeker has successfully filled the position.
Brett O’Neil, State Sales Manager – Oates Cleaning Products

DOME ABN 85 629 659 021